Friends For Michael Spinal Cord Injury Organization

Ten years ago, many lives changed due to the traumatic spinal cord injuries suffered by Michael Brent, then 18 yrs old and on top of the world. In a single moment, the life of this athletically and academically gifted young man, along with that of his family and friends, changed as well. Michael was on his way home from Valhalla Golf Club after working as a caddy. July 21,1997 was an extremely hot summer day, but being the dedicated young man that he was, Michael was trying to improve his game to compete at the college level. (He had received a golf scholarship to Campbellsville University). Caddying at Valhalla gave him the opportunity to play the challenging course as well. Michael apparently had become more overheated than he realized. As he drove home from the golf course he blacked out, flipped his car several times and suffered a severed spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. (C4/C5 injury)

Now, ten years later, lives have changed again. Michael’s sudden death has left a void in the lives of many. But his strength, determination and his “never say never” attitude taught us all how to live. From the moment of his accident, Michael did not feel sorry for himself. He worried about those around him and how they were surviving it. His smile was one that people saw for miles and will remember forever. His will to live a full life, no matter what the obstacle, is something we all learned from him. Michael set an example like no other. What he accomplished in 27 years is more than most will accomplish in a full lifetime. Below is a brief history of Michael and his inspiration and determination behind Friends For Michael.

Website: Friends for Michael