Frazier Rehab Institute

Frazier Rehab Institute was established as a physical rehabilitation institute in the early 1950’s after Amelia Brown Frazier was injured in a car accident and had to travel out of state for services because none existed in Louisville at that time. Now a part of the Jewish Hospital & St. Mary Health Care System, Frazier has a 135 bed inpatient facility and has 22 outlying outpatient clinics serving over 20,000 patients each year. In 2006, Frazier moved into a new 14 story building on … [Read more...]

Kentucky Prosthetics and Orthotics

Kentucky Prosthetics and Orthotics….Transforming everyday lives with innovative solutions!! At Kentucky Prosthetics and Orthotics, our goal is to get our patients back to where they want to be. Our philosophy is that every person should be able to do at least 95% of what they did prior to amputation, if not achieve even more. That could mean rowing for the US Paralympics, returning to work on the police force, hitting a round of golf, or simply making dinner for the family. Our practitioners … [Read more...]

Friends For Michael Spinal Cord Injury Organization

Ten years ago, many lives changed due to the traumatic spinal cord injuries suffered by Michael Brent, then 18 yrs old and on top of the world. In a single moment, the life of this athletically and academically gifted young man, along with that of his family and friends, changed as well. Michael was on his way home from Valhalla Golf Club after working as a caddy. July 21,1997 was an extremely hot summer day, but being the dedicated young man that he was, Michael was trying to improve his game … [Read more...]

Spinal Cord Injury Association of Kentucky (SCIAK)

In the fall of 2002, practioners, individuals with spinal cord injury, and advocacy groups met and established the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Kentucky (SCIAK). The mission of SCIAK is to serve those affected by spinal cord injury through increased awareness, greater resource availability and support services, enhanced educational and preventative interventions, as well as increased athletic and recreational opportunities. In addition, to practitioners, individuals with spinal cord … [Read more...]